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eFiling Documents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  Where can I find the Rules for document formatting?

A: Please refer to Rule 21 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.  Specifically, note that the formatting requirements are listed in Rule 21(f)(8) which includes that all document formatting must “comply with the [current] Technology Standards set by the Judicial Committee on Information Technology and approved by the Supreme Court.  These Technology Standards are available on this website and at: http://www.txcourts.gov/jcit/technology-standards.aspx.

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What is a Lead Document?  Should I submit my filing as a Lead Document or as an Attachment?

A:  We rarely receive any document that qualifies as an attachment under the e-file system.  Most documents that are typically defined as an attachment should be contained within the PDF of the lead document.  If the paper document(s) would be in a single staple when filed, then the electronic document should be in a single PDF document.

If a supporting document needs to be file-marked, it should be submitted as a separate Lead Document within the same e-file envelope. 

Proposed Orders are submitted as a separate Lead Document and should not require a cover letter.


Items included within lead documents: exhibits and other required attachments, such as supporting affidavits.

Items to file as an attachment: volume 2, submitted as a continuation of the lead document when the document size exceeds the allowable 32MB.

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How do I submit a proposed order?

A:  Proposed orders are submitted as a separate lead document - without a cover letter.  If submitted along with a pleading or motion, the proposed order is submitted as a separate lead document within the same e-file envelope.  NOTE: Always select the e-file document type “Proposed Order” when submitting an order for consideration.

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What is the procedure for protective orders and other expedited matters?

A:  Time Sensitive – Contact the office at (432) 498-4290 to alert us that you have a time sensitive matter to file.

Protective Orders - You will e-file your application, affidavit, and proposed order in one envelope, with each document presented as a separate lead document. 

NOTE:  Do not e-file the required TCIC forms - These forms are not filed for record and are provided to law enforcement only.  You may hand deliver these to our office at the time of the hearing.


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Do I need a cover letter?

A:  Cover letters are not needed in order to provide instructions to the Clerk.  Please include any instructions within the comments section of the e-file envelope.

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My document was returned for correction. Will the file-mark show the original submission date/time?

A:  In order to retain the original submission date/time when the document is file-marked, you must use the “Resubmit” feature on your returned envelope.  If you submit the same document in a new e-file envelope, it will receive a new date/time for the file-mark.

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What are the reasons the clerk may return my document for corrections?

A:  All documents (including document formatting) should be in compliance with the current Technology Standards as adopted and published by the Judicial Committee on Information Technology. (http://www.txcourts.gov/jcit/technology-standards.aspx)


Insufficient Fees Fees submitted are insufficient. Please resubmit your filing with the correct case type/filing type. TRCP 99(d) and Gov’t Code,
§51.318(b)(7) and (8)
Gov’t Code §51.317(a)
Local Gov’t Code §118.052;
§118.121; or §118.131
Insufficient Funds Credit Card was declined. Please resubmit with a valid method of payment. TRCP 99(d) and Gov’t Code,
§51.318(b)(7) and (8)
Gov’t Code §51.317(a)
Local Gov’t Code §118.052;
§118.121; or §118.131
Document Addressed to Wrong Clerk The document is addressed to a court for which this clerk’s office does not accept filings. Please correct or re-file with the appropriate clerk’s office.
Duplicate New Case Filing The filing requesting a new case duplicates an existing case. Please file under the existing case.
Incomplete Information
Please resubmit using the correct/complete information:
    * Cause number
    * Case Type
    * Case Category
    * Filing Code
    * Party names on document(s)
    * Attorney/Party email address(es)
    * Required forms
    * Information required by Statute

Family Code
§102.008 and
require identification of children by name and DOB


Civil Practices and Remedies Code 30.015

Incorrect Formatting Please resubmit the document
    * By rotating the document so that the file mark will appear in
       the upper right corner
    * In text searchable PDF
    * Directly converted to PDF if possible
    * With a 300dpi resolution
    * With a page size of 8.5" x 11"
    * With no embedded fonts
TRCP 21 (f)(8)
PDF Documents Combined You have submitted multiple documents for filing in a single PDF. The file-mark will only appear on documents submitted as lead documents. Please file all lead documents as separate PDF documents.
Please resubmit in a format that is legible.
Sensitive Data Please resubmit with all sensitive data redacted:
    * DL, SSN, Passport Number, Tax ID Number,
       Government Issued ID Number
    * Bank Account Number, Credit Card Number,
       Financial Account Number
    * Birth Date, Home Address and name of any person
       who was a minor when the suit was filed
TRCP 21c (a-f)
TRAP 9.10
Filer's Request The filer requested that this filing be returned.
Judge's Request The judge requested that this filing be returned.
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