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Ector County Pretrial Services & Post Sentence Monitoring


Jesse "Shawn" Callendar

Brenda Vizcaino
Administrative Assistant

Liz Gonzalez


Margaret Sanchez: Pretrial Investigator

Work cell: 432-488-8931

Araceli Espinoza: Pretrial Coordinator/Trainer

Work cell: 432-269-2354

Kassarah Garcia: Pretrial Investigator

Work cell: 432-269-2344

Nyia Flores: Pretrial Investigator

Work cell: 432-385-5820

Edgar Valenzuela: Pretrial Peace Officer

Work cell: 432-488-8130

Kenneth Myers: Pretrial Peace Officer

Work cell: 432-385-9643

Frances M. Borgne: Pretrial Peace Officer

Work cell: 432-294-3720


 300 N Grant Ave, Room 108
Odessa TX 79761

Phone: 432-498-4133
Fax: 432-498-4134


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
(Closed for Lunch 12:00PM - 1:00PM)


Program Start Requirements:


$100 Money Order, Information sheet, Work Verification of Employment, Householder Agreement/Lease

Cost: $10.00 / Day

CAM (Alcohol Monitoring):

$150 Money Order, Information sheet, Work Verification of Employment, Householder Agreement/Lease

Cost: $12.00 / Day

All Drug Testing cost $15.00 Paid at time of testing.

Additional Information

Pretrial Bond:

Please note we are not a bonding company we are a service provided by the County.

Interviews are conducted every day at the Jail. Defendants Must be approved for Pretrial Bond by a Judge. Approvals are based on Criminal history and current offense.

Pretrial Bond cost 3% of the Bond amount.

Interlock /Remote Breath:

Interlock Orders are received at Arraignments or when Defendants are released from Jail.

Program Cost: $10.00 / Month

Interlock/Remote Breath Program Requirements:

Completed Information sheet and DPS forms.

You must have a Remote Breath or Interlock installation completed within 30 days of receiving your order. 

Defendants must report every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Interlock Installation locations for Midland and Odessa. 

1. Smart Start
   2460 E 8th Suite A
   Odessa, Texas 79761
   800-880-3394 for install appointments

3.Life Safer Deep Lung Breath Analysis
   Mechanism of Texas
   1308 S Midkiff Suite 218
   Midland, Texas 79701
2.Smart Start
   1308 S Midkiff
   Midland, Texas 79707
   Baldwin Electronics (Odessa)
   Offices all over just call


Standard Bond Conditions:

All Felony case/charges that have been indicted must report to Pretrial Service for Supervision.