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Ector County Bail Bond Board


The Ector County Bail Bond Board is responsible for licensing and regulating the companies that offer bail bonds in Ector County in accordance with Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1704 Regulation of Bail Bond Sureties and the Local Rules of the Ector County Bail Bond Board.

The Board also hears complaints about licensed companies and makes determinations about the issuance, denial and/or renewal of bail bond licenses.

  • ASA Bonding

    Judy Barker

    113 E. 4th St.

    Odessa, TX 79761


    Judy's USA

    Judy Barker

    113 E. 4th St.

    Odessa, TX 79761


    Amigo's Bonding

    Debbie Clay

    300 N. Texas Ave.

    Odessa, TX 79761


    Permian Bail Bond

    Cathy Drake

    1400 N. Grandview 

    Odessa, TX 79761


    Que Pasa Bail Bonds

    Hilda Hughes

    1314 S. Grant Ave.

    Odessa, TX 79761



    Hon. Mike Griffis


    Ector County -  Sheriff


    Hon. Judge Brooke Hendricks


    Ector County - County Court at Law Judge


    Hon. Judge Dustin Fawcett

    County Judge

    Ector County - County Judge


    Hon. Judge John Schrode

    District Judge

    Ector County - 358th District Court Judge

    Hon. Lee McClendon

    County Attorney

    Ector County - County Attorney


    Hon. Gregory Barber

    District Attorney

    Ector County - First Assistant District Attorney


    Hon. Jennifer Martin

    County Clerk

    Ector County - County Clerk


    Hon. Clarissa Webster

    District Clerk

    Ector County - District Clerk


    Hon. Judge Missi Walden

    Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

    Ector County - Justice of the Peace Precinct 2


    Hon. Cleopatra Callaway


    Ector County - Treasurer


    Judy Barker

    Bail Bond Company Rep

    ASA Bonding/Judy's USA


    Spencer Dobbs

    Defense Attorney Rep

    Dobbs Law Firm

  • WHEN:

    > 3rd Wednesday of each month at 8:30 A.M.


    > 244th District Courtroom

        300 N. Grant, Room 316

        Odessa, TX 79761