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Identification and Records Division


The Identification and Records Division (ID&R) is headed by a Lieutenant who answers to the Crime Control Bureau Captain.  ID&R is comprised of three deputy clerks, a bond clerk and a part-time clerk, all of whom are civilians.  All non-emergency incoming phone calls to the Sheriff's Office are answered and routed by ID&R during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

ID&R is responsible for maintaining all records pertaining to an inmate's incarceration in the Ector County Detention Center, including arrest, booking and release paperwork, bonding information and fingerprint cards, as well as all criminal case reports and attachments prepared by the Sheriff's Office.

ID&R assists the public with requests for information. All requests for public information are submitted the ID&R Lieutenant.  The division is also responsible for compilation of field interview information submitted by ECSO deputies on traffic and pedestrian stops, in order to comply with the statute prohibiting racial profiling.


****EFFECTIVE 10-3-2023****

The Ector County Sheriff's Office will be charging $10.00 for in-person immigration background check requests, $15.00 for mailed-out immigration background check requests, and $5.00 for records and data sheets.



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