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Everyone is aware that surface and groundwater in west Texas is precious. We consider protecting this resource very important. Improperly constructed
on-site sewage facilities(OSSFs) have the potential to contaminate this resource. For this reason, the Ector County Health Department's (ECHD) Water Quality Program takes its responsibilities very seriously and provides Ector County residents services related to:
  • permitting and inspecting public and private OSSFs,
  • investigating citizen complaints about malfunctioning or illegal OSSFs,
  • permitting and inspecting public and semi-public swimming pools, and
  • monitoring public water supplies for the presence of coliform organisms.

The Water Quality Program hosts an annual Swimming Pool Operator's Short School for residents from Odessa/Ector County, the Permian Basin, and Southwest New Mexico.  Graduates of the course become registered as "Pool Operators," which all semi-public swimming pools require of their staff.  Public swimming pools are required to have Certified Pool Operators. 

To view the most current OSSF inspections and investigations, please review the Ector County Health Department's Annual Report.
These consultations are with Ector County citizens, City of Odessa staff and the staffs of various state and federal agencies.

New Fees for Swimming Pool Facilities starting 2018. Pool Permits are $100.00 with each addition aquatic feature being an extra $50.00. Any re-inspections needed will be charged an additional $50.00 fee. There will be no refunds for pool permit. 

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