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Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is headed by a Lieutenant. The CID is comprised of several specialties including investigating and reporting criminal offenses, narcotics investigations and gathering and preserving evidence for presentation at trial.  The personnel in this division are considered either criminal investigators or crime scene investigators.  Criminal investigators attempt to learn and report all the pertinent facts relating to criminal cases, while crime scene investigators collect, analyze and preserve evidence related to the crimes. Some investigators have primary responsibility in a specialized field, such as forgery or sexual assault, but are not confined to their specialty and often work as a team member to assist in major crimes.  The three units within the CID are: Crime Scene Investigations, Major Crime Investigations and the Special Investigative Unit, each led by a Sergeant who answers to the CID lieutenant.

CID is also responsible for the implementation of Crime Analysis. Crime Analysis involves the daily examination of reports in order to determine the location, time, special characteristics and similarities to other criminal actions that may help to identify a criminal or the existence of patterns of criminal activity. The Crime Analyst gathers information concerning increases and decreases in the crime rate and assists operations personnel in the identification of specific crime problems in order to assist patrol deputies in determining where to most effectively use their time in patrolling those specific areas that have the greatest potential for criminal activity.

The CID Lieutenant is responsible for initial registration of sex offenders living outside the Odessa city limits in Ector County, and with updating locally and with the Texas DPS any changes in the sex offender's status. Compliance inspections are performed on a regular basis with the help of patrol, warrant and civil deputies. Cases against non-compliant sex offenders are prepared and submitted to the District Attorney for prosecution.

Like all law enforcement divisions in the Sheriff's Office, the CID plays a support role to the Patrol Division They assume the responsibility for involved investigations which the Patrol Division does not have the time to investigate.

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