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County Clerk - Assumed Name Certificates


Each person who regularly conducts business or renders professional services other than as a corporation, limited partnership, registered limited partnership, or limited liability company in a particular county must file an assumed name certificate with the county clerk so that record is available as to the business.
An assumed name certificate is effective for ten years from the date of the filing of the certificate. At the end of the ten-year time period, the certificate becomes null and void unless within six months prior to the expiration date, a renewal certificate is filed with the county clerk. 
It is the responsibility of the filer to verify availability of requested assumed name.
Assumed name certificates for incorporated businesses should be filed with the Secretary of State.
A registrant who has filed an assumed name certificate which ceases to transact business or render professional services under the assumed name stated in the certificate may file a statement of abandonment with the county clerk.

 Filing Fees:

 Assumed Name Certificate with one owner  $24.00
     Each additional owner  $ 0.50
Abandonment of Assumed Name with one owner  $24.00
     Each additional owner  $ 0.50

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